Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Frank Herbert reads his Heretics of Dune (Caedmon TC 1742, LP, US, 1984)

Heretics of Dune is a 1984 science fiction novel by Frank Herbert, fifth in a series of six novels. It was ranked as the #13 hardcover fiction best seller of 1984 by The New York Times.

Seems this might be available again ..
(though it doesn't look like the CD release happened .. ?)

Audio Collectors Items:

Would also like .. 
Dune - The Banquet Scene - TC 1555
Sandworms of Dune - TC 1565 
Battles of Dune -  TC 1601
The Truths of Dune: "Fear is the Mind Killer" - TC 1616


Tuesday, 19 February 2013

All Your Friends From The Magic Roundabout present Dougal and the Blue Cat [OST] [Serge Danot / Joss Baselli] (Axis Records 6099, LP, Australia, 1972)

"Blue is beautiful. Blue is best. I'm blue, I'm beautiful, I'm best"

"I'm watching these crazy mushrooms grow, like it's, ur very tiring.  Like.. like, exhausting."
"You know he's doing the Rabbit image no good at all .. "

Or watch it [79min]

Monday, 18 February 2013

Johnny Ukulele - Favourite Selections By (Capitol ST 1425, LP, US, 1965-)

Born John Ka'aihue, 8 November 1901, Kalani, Hawaii
Died November 1971, Hollywood, California

"Jungle Song" is the bird-shriek killer (in the exotica one-off hall of fame) and is the chief reason for treasuring this rare LP; otherwise it's good as Hawaiian-exotica and a standout in the very small field (no pun intended) of ukulele-led LPs"

A01 Ua Like No A Like
A02 Maui Chimes
A03 Hawaiian Wedding Song
A04 Jungle Song
A05 Blue Hawaii
A06 Tea For Two Cha Cha
B01 Hawaiian War Chant
B02 Wailana (Drowsy Waters)
B03 The Third Man Theme
B04 Kohala March
B05 Hawaiian Musical Box
B06 Black And White Rag

Download [link to come]

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Ofori Amponsah [Mr All 4 Real] - She Nika (Westide Entertainment, TC, Ghana, 2007)

The only thing bigger than Highlife in Ghana is Hiplife, and Afori "Mr All 4 Real" Amponsah was top of the pile back in 2008.  

Asked why he has released another album when songs on his award winning Otoolege are still enjoying massive airplay, he said “Trust me I can afford to release every six months by God's grace, mine is a God-given talent so there is no limit to what I can do.”

There's typos in the track listing, the order is different on the cover, and a strange extra track too.  Nothing unusual probably.  The typo in the warning also gives a vague sense the watermark claim may not be 'all 4 real'.  

But why pick holes..?  More importantly!

Sensational Ghanaian musician Ofori Amponsah aka All 4 Real, has said he is now a born-again, spirit-filled, tongue-speaking, heaven-bound Christian and has actually formed his own church, the Family of Faith and Love Ministries where he ministers every Sunday.

Kwame Nkrumah / Jewel Ackah - Safari And Classical Highlifes Yeredi Awu (Pan African Records PAR 001, LP, Ghana, 1981)

If this is an official release then someone in the Ghana Music Industry Office is officially recording them direct from a scratchy record onto a wobbly recorder.  It came from a street stall in Accra. 

Kwame Nkrumah A Veteran Guitarist Of Ghana, Who Has Been Staying In The United States Of America For the Past 15 Years Was On Visit To His Home Country Recently.

Kwame Counting On His experience While Playing The Stargazer Band, Dr K. Gyasi's Noble Kings, And His Own High Class Diamonds Band, African Rhythm Is Always On His Mind.

He Was Convinced That His Fans Have Waited For So Long. Safari And Classical Highlifes Sang Beautifully By Jewel Ackah, The Vocalist Of The Year.
James Kwadwo Kwarteng

There's currently an original LP available to buy here on Discogs
Otherwise download away

There are four tracks on side B, but only three stated, so no idea what's going on there, or if the track tags are correct.

Four bonus shop signs:

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Ngwenya Brothers - Nyaradzo (ZMC [Zimbabwe Music Corporation] ZIL 248, LP, Zimbabwe, 1992)

Wonderful!!, dreamy and colourful debut by this Zimbabwe sungura group.   Seems these guys have been very popular since this debut was released 20 odd years ago.

I picked this up in the back of a Sydney bookstore, along with another related LP I'll post soon.

Now for the twist:
Ngwenya Brothers, who rose to popularity in the 1990s, is struggling to maintain its presence in the music arena not because they have nothing to offer but because their leader Tedious Matsito has been down and out due to injuries sustained in an accident back in August 2008. The sungura star lost three band members as well as equipment in that accident.

You can read on .. 

I will attempt to get in touch with, and if I can make a reliable connection and ensure the money will get through (and not redirect to my Nigerian friends who I like to help out when they send me emails about their business troubles), then I MAY set up a pledge site like, and let it run its course.

I'll update this page if this happens.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Dĩa Hát 01809/10-82-TN1, LP, Vietnam, 1982

A1 Rung Goi [Lam Xuan]
A2 Tren Bhung Dong Song Que Huong [To Lan Phuong]
A3 Co Gai An Moi [Hồng Van]
A4 Mua Xuan Tren Que Hisong [Minh Phuong]
A5 Tren Que Hisong Minh Hai [Nguyen Lan]
B1 Mua Xuan Tren T.P. Ho Chi Minh [Thanh Huong]
B2 Tieng Hat Ngaoai Thanh [Ce Hanh]
B3 Lt Keo Chai [Hồng Hnanh]
B4 Tinh Bat Do Mien Bgno [Thanh Huong]
B5 Nhung Boi Mat Mang Hinh [Lam Xuan]

MANY THANKS!!! to distinguished Ethnomusicologist, musician, composer Dr. TRAN QUANG HAI, Ph.D. for his insight into these recordings and the artists.

He writes:
These songs dated the beginning of 80's (not 70's) . They are no longer sung because the lyrics don't suit the desire of the youth nowadays .

Some of singers in the LP are well known (HONG VAN, HONG HANH) Others are not known any more nowadays in Vietnam .

[In response to my question:] THANH HUONG in the record is not HUONG THANH living in Paris .

This record was published in HOCHIMINH city in 1982 .

Side A
1. RỪNG GỌI (singer : LÂM XUÂN)
3. CÔ GÁI AN HÔỊ (singer HỒNG VÂN)

Side B
3. LÝ KÉO CHÀI (singer : HỒNG HẠNH)

Dĩa Hát 00801/02-80-TN1, LP, Vietnam, 1980

This is Vietnamese Pop.  I can't get a date on it, but I'm guessing around 1975 [Correction: early 80's].  Help appreciated.

This record had songs composed by communist composers . Singers are THANH LAN (now living in the USA), HONG VAN (still living in HCM city), ANH KHOA (now living in HUNGARY), LÂM XUÂN (in HCM city)
These songs were composed after the fall of saigon (1975) . I don't know them at all .

A1 Nha Trang Oi Mua Thu Lai Ve
A2 Bem Xanh
A3 Bien Gioi Thong Trai Tim Ta
A4 Em Bi Nuoi Day Tre
A5 Thom Rom
A6 Ngay Mai Anh Len Buong
B1 Hanh Khuc Ngay Va Bem
B2 Bi Qua Vung Co Non
B3 Con Buong Co La Me Bay
B4 Thanh Pho Tinh Yeo
B5 Bai Ca Tam Biet
B6 Tinh Ca Tuoi Tre


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Contemporary Vietnamese popular music is a diverse genre that reflects several combinations of ancient, modern, Vietnamese regional differences, and foreign influenced concepts borne from the effects of forced and/or voluntary migration, inter-racial unions due to a myriad of historical events occurred throughout several centuries in Viet Nam. It would be disingenuous to box contemporary popular Vietnamese music into one convenient category without considering Vietnamese ethnic and cultural differences that existed over time. The Vietnamese inherently cultural and ethnic differences woven with foreign influences that produced a variety of popular music.

Vietnamese migration and/or travelling to all corners of the world began well over a century ago. Music was and still is the common vein that runs through all Vietnamese people regardless of their nationalities, ethnic mixtures and, background. What is considered as Vietnamese music had survived acculturation during the one thousand years rule under Chinese occupation followed by one hundred years of French colonial rule.

Thanh Lan (1948 - ) là một ca sĩ, diễn viên Việt Nam nổi tiếng. Cô là một trong những nghệ sĩ hiếm hoi thành công trên cả ba lĩnh vực âm nhạc,điện ảnh và sân khấu. Ca sĩ Thanh Lan, nổi tiếng với các ca khúc Pháp, là một trong những gương mặt tiêu biểu cho thời kỳ đầu của nhạc trẻ ởSài Gòn. Với điện ảnh, cô đã tham gia nhiều bộ phim nổi tiếng như Tiếng hát học trò, Ván bài lật ngửa.

Melodiya 33M90-40525/26

A1 Rang Tram bau [Thanh Huyền]
A2 Suoi Lenin [Tường Vi]
A3 Bong cay Knia [Mang Thi Hoi]
A4 Tren dinh Truong Son ta hat [Hoai Thu]
A5 Mien Nam nho mai on Nguoi [Ngoc Be]
B1 Dan Trung [Phan Huan]
B2 Doi dep Bac Ho [Bich Lien]
B3 Em la hoa Polang [Tường Vi]
B4 Nhung canh chim Hong Gam [Thuy Nhung]
B5 Bai ca Ha Noi [Kiều Hưng]
B6 Nguoi la niem tin tat thang [Bich Lien]

This record was published by MELODIA (RUSSIA) in 1974 . All these songs were only known in North Vietnam and the singers were only known in North Vietnam (I am from the South, so I don't know them )

Melodiya 33M90-40517/18

A1 Em o noi dau? [Kiều Hưng]
A2 Tu Lang Sen [Thanh Huyền]
A3 Co du kich Da Nang [Kim Oanh]
A4 Tieng dan bau [Kiều Hưng]
A5 Hat ru trong dem phao hoa [Kim Oanh]
B1 Tinh ca Tay Bac [Bich Lien, Kiều Hưng]
B2 Mua trai chin [Bich Lien]
B3 Em di lam tin dung [Thuy Ha]
B4 Canh chim bao tin vui [Vân Khánh]
B5 Nguoi lai do tren song Po Co [Tường Vi]

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Melodiya 33M90-40523/24

So you're shuffling round a run-down antique market lane in Saigon, and come across a knee high stack of records, thick with dust.  Most of them are Chinese musicals by the covers and best avoided, but some of them look more interesting and are clearly marked 'Vietnam', with some more on the familiar Melodiya (МЕЛОДИЯ) label.

The problem is, you've got half an hour before leaving for the airport, and there's no way to listen.  What to do?  

Grab a handful, attempt to feign disinterest, but you struggle to hide your haste and end up paying far more than you should.  Get home eventually, and wash them in the sink.  Try to suppress the excitement of how you've just got one over Andy Votel.   Put the record on.

Traditional Folk!!!!!   

The record hunt is as much about coming across what you don't want, as much as what you do.  To someone this might have more value than for me, so for all the effort of getting them into my 
possession, here's one .. and another handful following for good measure (whether you or I like it or not).

Melodia discography dates this as 1978

This record has more folksongs with modern arrangements. This record is better than the previous ones. But it is not authentically traditional. Record was published in Moscow in 1974.

A01 Ngoi tua man thuyen [Thanh Huyền]
A02 Ra ngo ma trông (Dan ca Quan Họ) [Kiều Hưng]
A03 Trang sang Tam Giang [Hồng Tuyết]
A04 Me ngoi khau ao dem nay [Hồng Tuyết]
A05 Tam long ta ngo cho nhau [Qui Bôn]
B01 Mung Viet Nam dai thang [Kim Liên]
B02 Ron canh hai au [Thủy Trinh]
B03 Nang thang Muoi [Ái Xuân]
B04 Trich vo (Ni co Dam Van) [Đoàn cải lương]


Here's some background too, which is unusual for Mrs Blucher, but she was curious.

Quan ho refers to the traditional music style.

Thanh Huyền (sinh ngày 10 tháng 10 năm 1942) là một ca sĩ Việt Nam trong thập niên 1960 đến 1980. Bà nổi tiếng với những ca khúc dân ca và trữ tình cách mạng. Thanh Huyền được phong tặng danh hiệu Nghệ sĩ nhân dân vào năm 1984 và là nữ ca sĩ đầu tiên được trao tặng danh hiệu này.

Kiều Hưng (born 1937), is a Vietnamese singer of Vietnamese revolutionary songs. She was born in Hanoi.[1] From 1968 to 1972 Hưng studied at the Kiev Conservatory then again at the Moscow Conservatory in 1991.ều_Hưng

Vân Khánh (Quảng Trị, 1 January 1978) is a Vietnamese traditional and folk singer. She began as a child artist with a family troupe at the age of 12. Her albums have helped to popularize Central Vietnam's folk music with urban audiences in Ho Chi Minh City."[1]

Vietnamese music has had a rather long history. Since ancient times, the Vietnamese have had a strong inclination for music. Music is considered to be an essential need; therefore, numerous musical instruments and genres intended for various purposes have been developed. Vietnamese people use music to express their innermost feelings, to encourage themselves while working and fighting, to educate their children in good traditions and national sentiment, to communicate with the invisible, and to sublimate their aspirations for a happy life.

The music of Vietnam and its history are too complex to be described briefly. True, to a large extent, Vietnamese music was handed down from one generation to another. I am spending my life studying music of every corner of the country, and am fortunate, however, in having some various written and oral sources on my research.

It is hoped that the present information will prove both informative and entertaining to those who have been attracted to Vietnamese music.

Read more

Tiếng Hát Quê Hương

Tieng Hat Que Huong was founded in 1981 by Pham Thuy Hoan. Our mission is to preserve, develop and nd also building a bridge between the old and the new artists.
One and the same, perhaps?

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

South Pacific Steam Safari Volume 2 [Keith & Nancy Southern] (Viking Record Company VP 357, LP, NZ, 1971)

The Raurimu Spiral
An Engineering Masterpiece

This recording brings to you all the sounds and excitement of this drama packed ascent on Easter Sunday 1972, by Ja1236 and Ja1250.

Side one opens with the special travelling at speed, having just passed Raurimu Station to start the long tortuous climb up to National Park which is finally reached at the conclusion of side two.