Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Steam Safari [M. F. Vincent] (Kiwi Records LC-80, LP, NZ)

Steam Safari

The sounds of Steam Locomotives, large and small, working throughout New Zealand between 1965 and 1967

Track One: Steam at Raurimu: "Ka" 947 walks 155 goods up the Spiral (October, 1965)

6:30 a.m. on a rather damp morning finds "Ka" 947, sans train, taking a drink from the main vat at Raurimu. The resounding clank of the tender cover closing is soon heard followed by the rumble of metal on metal as the one hundred and forty-ton locomotive trundles off down the loop to re-couple to its train - 155 goods bound for Palmerston North.

Panting loudly, the two large Westinghouse pumps quickly restore pressure to the brake-line and, after a pause for a brake test, they give a repeat performance before the train is ready to roll.

Moving off slowly, with clouds of steam issuing from the cylinders, 947 looks small under the column of steam rising majestically in the crisp morning air.  Gathering speed the "Ka" moves past the microphone but is not allowed to work up a good speed for the grade ahead because of the "turnout" onto the "Main".  Right at the foot of the spiral then the "Ka" is opened out, and slips.  Once ... twice ... she wipes her feet before settling down to the task at hand.  Leaving the long horse-shoe curve, 947 even manages to increase speed and storms up through the succeeding cuttings in fine style, the sound reaching maximum as the train passes the station again, now almost one hundred feet above it.  At this point the train wheels away towards the first tunnel and the sound fades.


A01 ''Ka'' 947, Raurimu, Oct 1965
A02 ''B'' 304, Omoto Gorge-Stillwater, Nov 1967
A03 ''Ka'' 954, Ohau-Levin, Jul 1966
B01 ''Ab'' 828 and ''Ja'' 1287, Night Crossing, Maraetaha, May 1965
B02 ''Ab'' 660, Cromwell Gorge, Nov 1967
B03 ''Ja'' 1288, Kopuawhara Bank, Jun 1966



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