Friday, 30 September 2011

VA - Disco Saâda (found tape, Morocco)

I sent this along with a small stash of other Moroccan tapes to the great Tim Abdellah's Tape Stash , but seeing the quality of his posts lately I thought I'd do him a favour and drop this one here (where quality and reference notes aren't always the first consideration)!

Having said that, shoddy quality is what makes this tape so special.  Upbeat wonky synth and ultra addictive pop licks, with more than a few tape chomping disasters to add to the effect.  The taxi shot is where it came from (generous folk).  Smacked against the steering wheel before playing in some superstitious ritual that apparently stops the tape getting gobbled.

Someone let me know if they happen to drop track A04 for a room full of party people, cause I've always wanted to myself.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Arnhem Land Volume 1 (EMI Records OALP 7504, LP, Australia, 196-)

Stannard, June - Bird Song Series No. 2 "Bird Songs of the Forest" (Percy FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology SGALP 1559, LP, South Africa, 1967)

Stannard, June - Bird Song Series No. 1 "Bird Songs of Amanzi" (Percy FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology ACP 524, LP, South Africa, 1966)


June Marjory Stannard, d. May 2011

Her contribution to natural sciences in South Africa and Africa was considerable. The early years of her married life were dedicated to recording bird sounds. She  painstakingly and meticulously made the first long-playing records of birds sounds.

June produced a large body of work across a range of media formats, culminating in her final and recent book “Birds Sing for Us”, and her more personal, “Memoirs of an Octegenarian”.

“Birds” was dedicated to John, her beloved and sociable companion who was by her side as they travelled through nature, closely observing wild creatures large and small in South Africa and African reserves and wilderness areas. The book traces African birds and animals, their sounds and behavior, as she experienced them throughout her life, bringing wildlife closer to human ears, eyes and hearts.

After moving to the Eastern Cape in the 50s where John worked as the deputy manager of the Eastern Province Herald’s advertising department, she quickly became an expert amateur ornithologist, and then moved into solid research as a bird listener and tape recordist. She spent days and nights on the Niven’s Amanzi Estate and in  Eastern Cape forests with her recorder and primitive hand-held microphone, recording the songs that became her long-playing records of birds sounds, Bird Songs of Amanzi and Bird Songs of the Forest. She and John were keen supporters of the Port Elizabeth Museum. June went on to establish the first Library of Bird Sounds, Song & Calls in SA. The library was the third in the world – after Cornell University and the BBC.

Builders - Cup (South Indies SOIN 5377, 12" EP, NZ, 1987)

Download (link now made private) 

Builders - Let's Play (South Indies SINZ 11, LP, NZ, 1985)

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Builders - Conch3 (South Indies PRA2301, LP, NZ, 1985)

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Bilderine - Split Seconds (Full Moon Publishing FM 001, LP, NZ, 1984)

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Bilders, The - Beaten Hearts (Flying Nun Records FNCD275, CD, NZ, 1993, orig rel. 1982)

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Aesop's Fables [Boris Karloff] (Caedmon TC 1221, LP, US, 1967)

Hansel and Gretel and Other Fairy Tales by the Brothers Grimm [Claire Bloom] (Caedmon TC 1274, LP, US, 1969)

Walt Disney's Adventure of Little Hiawatha And His Friends [Grey Johnson & Ginny Tyler] (Disney Music Co Ltd ST1917, LP, US, 1962)