Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Bessie Jones - Step It Down (Rounder Records ‎8004, LP, US, 1979)

This one's been a hit round here for the last month or two.  Lots of fun, if you've got the right environment for it, like small people.

A01 Way Go, Lily
A02 Walk Daniel
A03 Draw Me A Bucket Of Water
A04 Steal Up, My Young Lady
A05 Juba
A06 Nana Thread Needle
A07 Shoo Lie Loo
A08 Old Bill Rolling Pin
B01 Down In The Valley
B02 Soup, Soup
B03 Josephine
B04 Way Down Yonder in the Brickyard
B05 Bob-a-Needle
B06 Peep Squirrel
B07 Old Lady from Brewster
B08 Hambone
B09 Oh Green Fields, Roxie
B10 Little Johnny Brown


  1. this is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    what a share a+++++++

  2. Thanks Joe. I shouldn't have implied it was just good for little people. It is just good!

  3. I was too darn late, mediafire has pulled. If you ever choose to reupload, w/b very grateful. Thank you for uploading in first place!

    1. i just noticed mediafire had assigned this file as copyright

  4. Oh gosh, thank you SOOOOO much!!!! :-)

  5. The mediafire link still works. Thanks for this fine LP, Frau Blucher!