Saturday, 16 February 2013

Ngwenya Brothers - Nyaradzo (ZMC [Zimbabwe Music Corporation] ZIL 248, LP, Zimbabwe, 1992)

Wonderful!!, dreamy and colourful debut by this Zimbabwe sungura group.   Seems these guys have been very popular since this debut was released 20 odd years ago.

I picked this up in the back of a Sydney bookstore, along with another related LP I'll post soon.

Now for the twist:
Ngwenya Brothers, who rose to popularity in the 1990s, is struggling to maintain its presence in the music arena not because they have nothing to offer but because their leader Tedious Matsito has been down and out due to injuries sustained in an accident back in August 2008. The sungura star lost three band members as well as equipment in that accident.

You can read on .. 

I will attempt to get in touch with, and if I can make a reliable connection and ensure the money will get through (and not redirect to my Nigerian friends who I like to help out when they send me emails about their business troubles), then I MAY set up a pledge site like, and let it run its course.

I'll update this page if this happens.

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