Thursday, 27 February 2014

VA - Voices [First Book / Record One] (Argo DA 91, LP, UK, 1970)

Just noticed my last post was a Xmas one, which makes me feel distinctly slack.  So here's another.

Picked up from a record fair at the (wonderful) Auricle Sound Art Gallery (NZ).  50c odd, thanks!

And via folkcatalogue's blog ("stuff about the Argo record label"), this review in The Gramophone from January 1969:

“Briefly, Argo and Penguin Education have collaborated to produce a set of records to complement the latter’s threebook anthology of poetry and pictures entitled Voices. The anthology is edited by Geoffrey Summerfield, of the York University English and Education departments, costs 25s. 6d. for the three books and has been very well received. The books give the visual and literary side; each record deals with a special topic (heroes, winter, jealousy inter alia) and adds further dimensions through natural, musical and ‘prepared’ sounds. Bands of a disc enclose elements of the topic, so the inbuilt variety might give you some Kodaly, a Rumanian wedding dance, Hardy’s poem on a country fair, a folksong and a movement from Handel’s Royal Fireworks Music. On another side, a Balinese choir, sniffing hedgehogs, a John Clare poem and an Enigma variation will find common ground.

“Although there appears to be no financial package deal, I would think that many people will want to buy both discs and books as it is rather difficult to absorb the poems at first hearing. In any case, one angle that the discs add is musical settings of established poems—two excerpts from Britten’s Serenade appear in this context. The orchestral music, from existing first-class recordings, is programmatic, thus adding possibilities of mime and spontaneous drama to the inexaustible discussion-points of musical and poetic imagery. Mr Summerfield’s introduction, which usefully appears on all six record-leaflets is stimulating, particularly on creative music-making.”

Band 1
Noises – knives sharpening
Band 2
The Devil’s Nine Questions (trad) – Peggy Seeger (1)
The Devil’s Polka – Ilona Porma kantele (2)
Band 3
Jabberwocky (Herbert) – n. Mike Newby, Archbishop Holgate’s Grammar School children percussion
Child’s bouncing song (Connor) – Children of Heslington Primary School, York
Jane, Jane (trad) – Shirley Collins & Davy Graham (3)
Band 4
Old Man’s Song (Mellers) – Trinity School, Croydon choir, c. David Squibb
Toward The Grave – Kaarina Kuivalainen vocal, Onno Kuivalainen kantele (4)
Band 5
The Seafarer excerpt – n. Sidney Bradley, read in Anglo-Saxon
Man Cursing the Sea (Holub) – n. David King
Sea Interludes (Storm/Britten) – Royal Opera House (London) Orchestra, c. Benjamin Britten (5)

Band 1
Pastoral (trad) – Sicilian shepherd playing open pipe
Shepherds’ Fire (Clare) – n. Peter Orr
Aunt’s Tantrums (Barnes) – n. Freda Dowie
Turf Carrier on Aranmore (Hewitt) – n. Peter Orr
Derby Ram (trad) – Peggy & Mike Seeger unacc. (6)
Band 2
Church bells – sound of bells in Zurich, Switzerland in Bolby B
Bells of Rhymney (Seeger/Davies) – Terry Yarnell & The Critics Group
Band 3
What’s What (Reid) – n. Tony Church
Narnian Suite (Harrex) – staff & students of York University, primary school children spoken chorus
Band 4
Chant before battle – David King
Janos Hary excerpts (Kodaly) – LSO c. Istvan Kertesz (7)

(1) from The Long Harvest Vol 2, Argo ZDA 67, 1967
(2) from Music from the Far North – Argo ZDA 127, 1967
(3) from Folk Routes New Routes – Decca LK 4652, 1964
(4) from Music from the Far North – Argo ZRG 533, 1967
(5) from Decca SXL 2150-2, 1959
(6) from Peggy ‘n’ Mike – Argo ZDA 80, 1967
(7) from Hary Janos – Decca SXL 6136, 1965

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Toreador Brass, The - Tijuana Christmas (Harmony Records SP 132, LP, 197-)

Yes, it's THAT time again  ..

Scratchy record (be patient with Track A3, it gets better), but one sure to warm yer cockles.

A1 Hark, The Herald Angels Sing
A2 O Little Town Of Bethlehem
A3 While Shepherds Watched
A4 Good King Wenceslas
A5 Away In A Manger
A6 Silent Night
B1 God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
B2 Once In Royal David's City
B3 O Come All Ye Faithful
B4 The Holly And The Ivy
B5 Christians Awake


Thursday, 5 December 2013

Joe Hisaishi [久石譲] - Nausicaa [風の谷のナウシカ ドラマ編 風の神さま] (Animage ANL 1901~2, 2LP, Japan, 1984)

Joe Hisaishi [久石譲] - Nausicaa [風の谷のナウシカ ドラマ編 風の神さま] (Animage ANL 1901~2, 2LP, Japan, 1984)

A 風使いの娘
B 風の谷
C 風と人々
D 風の神様


Narumi Yasuda - Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind (Animage ANS2008, 7", Japan, 1984)

Narumi Yasuda - Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind (Animage ANS2008, 7'', Japan, 1984)

A Kaze-no Tani-no Nausicaa
B Kaze-no Yousei


Monday, 2 September 2013

Symphony of the Tiny Birds - s/t (Canyon C-1011, Japan, LP, 197?)

No info online about this one.  Just a random find that I liked from my favourite Sydney bookshop with hidden vinyl trove.

It's classical/romantic/pastoral, atmospheric, and heavy on the birdsounds.  In fact it would barely be worth playing if not for the birdsongs.  Sounds like a soundtrack composition with four parts Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter, each of 10 mins.  Not unlike a Miyazaki soundtrack.

Feel free to translate the liner notes (and poem).  Who are the k. ochida / y. ochida referenced for the poetry?

Where does this fit into the Canyon discography too (which is a bit confusing to me)?