Monday, 24 October 2011

Jeff Newmann - Satellite Images 1 (Sonoton SON 308, LP, Germany, 1988)

A couple of future galactic themed Sonotons.  Don't expect them to knock your socks off, but they have their moments.  I left the intro to Track 1 so you know what you're missing with all the other intros.

Jeff Newmann - Technospheres Underscores "Nature And Technology" (Sonoton SON 266, LP, Germany, 1986)

Thursday, 13 October 2011

No Clapping - Pie And A Pint (Ode Records SODE 167, 12" EP, NZ, 1982)

One of those mythical records you totally doubt the existence of for half your life.  It's another level of obscurity again from the T.V. Eye I posted a few days back.  Good catchy DIY pop tunes too, that wouldn't have sounded out of place on Object Records.  I'm looking forward to someone providing more information in the comments because Google doesn't want to tell me.

I just noticed when adding the Discogs entry that Julian Hanson played drums on the great Spelling Mistakes 7"

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

R. D. Burman – Shalimar (Polydor 2392 147, LP, India 1978)

You can find this LP elsewhere, so I won't post the music, but my good friend Long Boss just returned from Mumbai today having apparently discarded his clothes to find luggage space for vinyl, and while I didn't manage to high-jack the shipment, I did manage to take some photos of this monumental fold-out artwork. Sadly due to the updated and 'improved' Mac OS save-function I managed to overwrite half the high-res images, and I don't want to unleash a half completed archive on the world.  But you get the (lo-res) picture:

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Cheikh Abdel Bassed Abdel-Samad - The Holy Koran Volume II (Voice of Lebanon VLMX 66, LP, Lebanon, 1976)

Took the editor's lead and swapped the names of Side A and B.  There's a good chance they know better.

Cheikh Abdel Baset Abdel Samad - Le Coran "Sourat Taha" (Duniaphon LPD 310, LP, Lebanon, 1976)

No information on this one sorry.  High res pics of the covers.  According to 'Ken' who sells his stuff out the back of a bookshop in Sydney (more to come from recent grab), this and the other record I'm posting have both seen heavy service to audiences in Sydney for some decades.  Their resting place is in the grubby hands of a cultural magpie, and now you.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Say Yes To Apes - Who's That (T.V. Eye APES-001, LP, NZ, 1983)

Here's a follow up to the Builders offering from a few weeks back.  Less pop influence, slightly less Velvets infused, and definitely wilder and more shambolic, these three also followed their own singular and inspired direction, tracking a skewed path to the more well known 'southern' acts of the day.  The lazy slacker delivery on the last self-titled track says Malkmus (and although that particular supergroup are self-confessed Clean fans, I can't say if there's a direct connection here, who knows).

Kevin Smith was known to me (and many others) during the 90s as the cheesy chisel jawed guy whose smile and alpha force turned up on every prime time NZ TV production of the day, and he went on to almost star with Bruce Willis, if it weren't for his untimely death after some bad footing on a film studio prop tower.  Patrick Faigan continued to be a more understated hero (aka Duane Zarakov), and I just noticed there is nothing from his band Spacedust on discogs (or probably in the blog world if I bothered to look), so I may try to fix that.

I'm very much after everything else on the TV Eye label, which isn't much, but then I've never come across copies to purchase, and probably never will after letting the cat out of the bag about the brilliance, ah well.  If you can help, please put up your hand.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Richard Nunns & Mike Nock, 24 Sept 2011

Richard Nunns, living authority on taonga puoro (Maori traditional instruments), and notable jazz pianist Mike Nock, create 4 magical minutes to close Nunn's talk at the 2011 Christchurch (NZ) Arts Festival

Further footage and photography on request.