Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Frank Herbert reads his Heretics of Dune (Caedmon TC 1742, LP, US, 1984)

Heretics of Dune is a 1984 science fiction novel by Frank Herbert, fifth in a series of six novels. It was ranked as the #13 hardcover fiction best seller of 1984 by The New York Times.

Seems this might be available again ..
(though it doesn't look like the CD release happened .. ?)

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Would also like .. 
Dune - The Banquet Scene - TC 1555
Sandworms of Dune - TC 1565 
Battles of Dune -  TC 1601
The Truths of Dune: "Fear is the Mind Killer" - TC 1616


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  1. Hello. Thanks for posting this! Didn't have this one. But I did just post the others (plus yours, hope you don't mind) to a reddit thread that was recently started. You can find the files here: