Monday, 24 September 2012

Fishschool haul

Ain't it wonderful what turns up in the post?  This is a stash of early 80s NZ tapes on loan via a good friend in Wellington (to the owner: they're in safe hands!) and of which I know nothing about.  Some of it may be re-released 'proper'.  Others might turn up here, perhaps.  For now, a wonderful collection of hand-made cover art from Fishschool and related others.  If you've got a story relating to them, drop it in the comments.


  1. Aint it wonderful indeed Mr Br.. there they are again I'd recognise my hand writing anywhere I do know something about some of these tapes as I recorded some of them but would prefer whoever listens to them to evaluate them with open ears and and mind uncluttered by such trivia as information some were from live 'gigs' some from practice room / home recordings and I'm sure I've got a few more cluttering up that wall of cassettes

  2. didn't expect the circle to close so fast, but it wouldn't be the first time on this small blog ;) i'm really enjoying recording them with, as you say, all the moments. mr E.S. is hurrying me to return them, to get them back into your hands, and also to give them his own ear, and i'll make sure i send an extra copy of all as mp3s. thanks, and looking forward to having more revealed in time...

  3. Looks like a familiar handwriting by a Bob I once co-habitated with in the late '80s.