Saturday, 22 September 2012

Kenneth and Jean Bigwood / Gordon R. Williams - A Treasure Of New Zealand Birdsong - Supplement No.2 Sea Birds Calling (Kiwi Records EC-34, 7", NZ, 1972)

I don't expect these will be of interest to anyone, but that's the point isn't it?!

And if I could set my house alarm to the amplified sound of the Wandering Albatross, I would certainly do it.

As before, I made the intros separate tracks (for those who prefer to keep your words and tweets apart) so you can delete if you like, but the narrator here is a worth listen, relating the personal and poetic imagery of his encounter.  This 7" is the pick of the pack.  Good vinyl too.


  1. I love that you have posted these records. I may only download one or two, I may not get around to downloading any, but it fills my heart with glee to see that you are making them available. I have a couple of Australian birdcall records on my blog (Urban Bowerbird - and hardly anyone checks them out, but I feel like I'm providing some sort of obscure public service by having them there. If I encountered the original vinyl of this cache of NZ birdsong that you have showcased, I'd snap them up like a hungry Brolga.

  2. Downloaded with happiness.

  3. More birds! Thank you, Mrs Blucher!