Wednesday, 30 January 2013

John Cameron / Paul Martin - Little Creatures (Bruton Music Library BRD 3, LP, UK, 1978)

A01 Papillon
A02 Picture Book
A03 Little Girl Lost
A04 Watermill
A05 Pastures Green 1
A06 Pastures Green 2
A07 Drifting
A08 Lonely Oboe
A09 Lonely Clarinet
A10 Lonely Bass Flute
A11 Peasant's Pasture
B01 Little Dance
B02 Pastures
B03 Castles In The Air
B04 Moments Of Warmth
B05 Innocence
B06 Birdclusters
B07 Thaw
B08 Warning
B09 Warning Tag
B10 Preface 1
B11 Preface 2
B12 Preface 3
B13 Postlude 1
B14 Postlude 2



  1. Utterly perplexed as to why I have not discovered your blog before, especially when there are posts of this calibre: pretty sure I have not seen this posted before, but again, I have a folder full of Brutons I have yet to listen to, sidetracked by too many Sonoton, Coloursound, Golden Ring and Telemusic releases to be honest.

  2. not having any distinct theme or genre and putting in only a little effort on the side ensures mrsblucher remains small and unknown! she's happy that way. i'm going to post a bit more this year, and might tend towards oddities, ephemera and otherwise unloved music. it's representative of the local bins too, so whatever surfaces in a small town in the southern hemisphere .. and when i get to my favourite hidden sydney bookshop that has a roomful of records out the back. will post some recent finds from there at some point. would like to surface a small amount of local live activity too.

    agree those other labels are more attractive to me too

  3. Where you been all my life? Sure is glad to know ya!

    A wee share site of me own that may be of interest. Stop on by and take what you like!

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE Bruton!!! Thanks for posting this!! Any more Bruton and KPM you have would be much appreciated!!! Thanks for your time!!