Friday, 20 June 2014

No Koes - Permisi Numpang Lewat (Segar SGRLP 2005, LP, Malaysia, 197-)

Picked up in Kuching, Sarawak/Malaysia.  A few more coming.


01 Permisi Numpang Lewat
02 Malam Yang Indah Sekali
03 Suara Guitar
04 Sepatu Baru
05 Zaman Edan
06 Melatiku
07 Manisku
08 Biarkanlan Daku
09 Tukang Bakso
10 Senang2 Bergembira
11 Bernaung
12 Siapa Gerangan
13 Sekarang Saja

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Cassette tape collection (vita) era of the seventies

If I locate the business card of the shop where I found the stash I'll post it here.  There's bound to be more.  Only so long you can sift dusty records in 40 degrees and 100% humidity.

This guy from the same place made it home too - if there's any ethno-archaeologists out there who can get me closer to understanding his history, I'd be very grateful.

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