Friday, 20 June 2014

Koes Plus - Pop Melayu Vol. 1 (FMI FMLP 023, LP, Malaysia, 197-)

Not the cover from my rip (sourced from Henk/madrotter)

And the following are NOT the artwork for this release, but it was the closest match I could find when I was rummaging the old stock.  I hate to be responsible for splitting up an original package, but in this case the chances of them getting back together again were slim.  What was the alternative?  A lone cover would inevitably have been trashed.  How could you leave a lonely cover like this ...

Incidentally, anything you see on this blog is potentially available to purchase.  That's not the intention of posting here, but if you're interested, make an offer.  Otherwise .. 

01 Mari Berjoget
02 Janganlah Jangan
03 Jangan Iri Hati
04 Siapa Bilang
05 Kau Kembali
06 Indahnya Matahari
07 Mengapa
08 Jangan Kau Kira
09 Rindu
10 Oh Adikku
11 Tuhan
12 Rajawali

If you like this then Henk from madrotter-treasure-hunt is your source.  Many thanks to him.  Damn - he's already posted this album.   Too late - it's away.

Some scratchy Irama 7"s coming up that I don't believe are out there yet.

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