Saturday, 30 August 2014

Hajjah Rahmah Abdul Rahman - Berzanji Vol. 1 [Lagu Shikar] (Olympian MOEP 205, 7", Malaysia, 197-)

Assembly ends at the national level is a program of reciting the Qur'an which is held every year emigration in Malaysia . The winner will represent Malaysia at the assembly ends on International Level .

Assembly ends at the national level which was held on March 8 in 1960 equal to 20 Ramadan 1379 Hijri year. This historic event was inaugurated by the first Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra . All 11 states in the Federation of Malaya send their representatives to the event.

Competition actually read the Quran and the event is an annual tradition for many states in Malaya. According to certain sources and notes, Quran reading competition began in the State of Orissa by Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra in 1951 . Then in 1959 he also initiated the organizing Quran reading competition between Johor and Kedah.

The purpose of the competition at the national level is to lay a strong foundation of faith and spiritual development of the people of Islam , guided by the Holy Quran qurani next generation. This practice also is consistent with the spirit embodied in the Constitution that made ​​Islam the official religion of the country.

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  1. These recordings appear to be a recitation in Arabic of the Mawlid poem "The Jewelled Necklace of the Resplendent Prophet’s Birth”, composed by Imam al-Barzanji and dating from the 18th century. Nice find! More info here:

  2. Thanks for info. There are a dozen copies of each of these still at Mr Bong's place in Sarawak, under an inch of dust.