Tuesday, 20 May 2014

The Dead C - Live, Super 8, Dunedin, 22 Jul 1994

As a precursor to this event
The Dead C and The Terminals

Here's an old Dead C set.

The Dead C - Live, Super 8, Dunedin, 22 Jul 1994

A lo-fi recording by yours truly of a lo-fi band on a totally shitty lo-er than lo-fi old tape. Managed to put it in my pocket the wrong way round after I flipped the tape for the last track, so you get a metronomic accompaniment of my artery with 'Angel'.  Perhaps seeking redemption, it's an updated digitization with Dolby-S - a raw version (yes, even shittier) from 10yrs+ ago with split 'tracks' is probably floating round in some collections.   Kim Pieters was recording the same night (a track turned up on the God Came Between Us compilation), and it's no doubt far better quality.  But this is what you get.

As this guy wrote:
The year is 1995 and The Dead C are playing at the Super 8 Arts Collective in the basement of a deconsecrated church in Dunedin, on New Zealand's South Island. After eight years together, they have fully developed their improvised free noise strategy: beginning without an end in mind, their 'songs' sometimes bear a vague resemblance to their records - then they lurch abruptly into unfamiliar areas -in a manner utterly alien to rock conventions.

Some Terminals related, here:
Dark Matter - Live, Christchurch 2012-14

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