Saturday, 17 December 2011

The Living Planet - A Portrait Of The Earth [Elizabeth Parker] (BBC Records 823 338-1, LP, UK, 1984)

A01 The Living Earth (Theme)
A02 The Building Of The Earth
A03 The Frozen World
A04 The Northern Forests
A05 Jungle
A06 Seas Of Grass
B01 The Baking Deserts
B02 The Sky Above
B03 Sweet Fresh Water
B04 The Margins Of The Land
B05 Worlds Apart
B06 The Open Ocean
B07 New Worlds (Closing Theme)

I realise now this has been available from the Spiral 2 blog for some months, but for those of you (like me) who find cryptic download trails too difficult to process on a Sunday afternoon, a simple link follows.

[UDPATE: I believe this file has been frozen and is no longer available]


  1. It wasn't that cryptic - simply add the text of my comment to www dot megaupload dot com.

    This cloak and dagger approach was necessary to combat those pro-DMCA scumbags who make wrecking blogs their aim in life.

  2. Hey thanks for making this available! I have the vinyl and have been trying to find a rip for some time and hadn't been able to track it down till now. A cool record and a lovely companion to the Life On Earth soundtrack that preceded it.

  3. Is there a chance to re-upload?