Saturday, 26 November 2011

Nicolas Rossolimo - Russian Songs (Kismet Hi-Fi Recordings Vol. KR-5, LP, Russia, 196?)

International Grandmaster of Chess and Chess Artist Nicolas Rossolimo sings Russian Songs.  More remarkable for having a cover designed by Marcel Duchamp.

There isn't much to dig up on Kismet Records - can anyone offer more information, and a date for this record?  It's probably early 70s aligning with the period Rossolimo was in NYC, but the cover and vinyl quality and waxy sleeve look older (Soviet stock?!).

Many thanks to the guy (Frank?) who runs Mojo Records in Sydney for agreeing with me that this record 'looked like shit' and giving it to me on top of an order for nothing, yeh!  

Seriously hats off to him for his new move to the basement over the road in York St, currently setting up with a bar at one end and a record store at the other.  I really hope he pulls it off - he deserves it, and the world needs more great reinvented records stores that would otherwise gather dust and end up in the great second hand bin in the sky.

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  1. An international Chess Grandmaster singing Russian songs? Sure, why not ;)
    Thank you!