Wednesday, 18 August 2021

Rose Anne Creffield - Special Recording, 1957 (His Master's Voice Special Recording)

Here's a recording that will interest next to no one, although those in the know should find it fascinating. Perfect!
My first cousin once removed (mum's cousin) singing, accompanied by her father, aged 11.  

No reason to share, you say, and you'd be right. Except, as I only just discovered, she went on to become, well, more professional.  Mum did mention she was 'quite good'.

I'm uploading this for the interests and archives of the Glyndebourne Performance Art Theatre in Lewes, UK, where Rosanne Creffield sang Mezzo soprano in the Chorus 1969-70.

Rosanne Creffield on Spotify with Caballé (you know, the Barcelona with Freddie Mercury one) and José Carreras (another possibly familiar name) amongst others.

This recording is another thing altogether. Sweet, youthful, beautifully flawed, and an enchanting historical document.

Rose Anne Creffield - Special Recording, 1957 (His Master's Voice Special Recording)

Side A - The Sailor And Young Nancy - 3:49
Side B - O For The Wings Of A Dove [Mendelssohn] - 3:59

Saturday, 15 May 2021

The Decayes - Ten Guitars (Jayrem Records JDK1, LP, NZ, 1983)













The Decayes were a loose L.A. based experimentalist collective centered around Ron Kane in Southern California. 



Excerpt from Gary Steel's AudioCulture profile:

The last Decayes album, Ten Guitars (1983) was only released in New Zealand, and Jayrem boss James Moss can still be heard quietly complaining that it was the worst selling item in his catalogue. Kane turned up in New Zealand in early January 1983, intending to get his latest album pressed here, but finding all the pressing plants closed. Moss agreed to take on the project, and I have to confess that I played a small part in it: helping to “design” the cover. As Kane notes in the liner notes to the 2004 CD reissue of horNetZ, “The cover was designed in one afternoon with my friend, journalist Gary Steel – we were not thinking about anything. The original title of the illustration was ‘Clown Vomit’. For the back cover of the LP, we had some circles left over. We placed them randomly. Years later, I was asked why we put a map of France on the LP cover.”

Explaining the origin of the album’s name, Kane writes: “I asked Gary, ‘what would I have to name an LP to get New Zealanders interested in it?’ He said Ten Guitars, which was a song by Engelbert Humperdinck that was popular among Maoris (New Zealand’s indigenous people). It was our first printed cover!”

See also



Thursday, 13 May 2021

The Gordons - Volume 2 (GORDONS 3, LP, NZ, 1984)

Not my favourite Gordons moment (or theirs??), but it's The Gordons, so it's worth a listen.

Bad form.. I normally post an original photo of the artwork.  No time today.


Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Dimmer - First shows, Empire Tavern, 17/18 Jun 1994

"Hey we're called Dimmer we got seven songs and these are them."

Here's the first incarnation of Dimmer, recorded over two winter nights at the Empire Tavern in Dunedin.

Shayne Carter, Lou Allison, Peter Jefferies and on the second night Alf Danielson.

The quality of my personal live tape recordings is variable, and the first night is the crap end of the scale.  The walkman could have been in my pocket, but it's in the room at least.  The recording stops at 27 minutes, which is possibly why I returned the following night to record the second show.  Good thing - better recording, and even complete.  Worth hearing for Carter's stoned banter hahahah.

He spoke recently at the Word Festival to a packed theatre for the launch of his book Dead People I Have Known (here's a review).

Snippets from Shayne Carter's conversation with WORD Christchurch Literary Director and writer Rachael King
Shayne Carter’s rock’n’roll memoir, and stories from someone who was there - Rachael King in The Spinoff, 4 Jul 2019

We talked after for about 5 seconds as he signed the book, when I told him I had this recording.  His reservation was old recordings suffer from not having images. You can conjure your own images and make your mind up. To me it's great raw history.

Dimmer - Live, Empire Tavern, 17 Jun 1994 [AR] - 27 mins
Dimmer - Live, Empire Tavern, 18 Jun 1994 [AR] - 38 mins

I have another show of Dimmer & HDU - Planetarium, Auckland, New Zealand, 1999 .. which might show up here later.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Rano Karno - Original Sound Track Film (Life LMLP 053, LP, Indonesia, 1974)

Rano Karno (born in Jakarta , October 8 1960 ; age 54 years) is an actor , singer , director , and politician Indonesia who served as Acting Governor of Banten since May 13 2014 . He was famous in the 1970s and 1980s as an actor through a number of films such as Rio son , Gita Cinta dari SMA , and taxis , as well as in soap operas Doel Anak Si Doel the School in the 1990s. In addition to actors, Rano Karno also known as a singer and director.

Maestro Violin Indonesia Idris Sardi Died This Morning 7:25 pm . Accessed on 28 April 2014
Idris Sardi died on 28 April 2014 at 07:25 pm in the Hospital Meilia, Cibubur at the age of 75 years before the age of 76 years. Idris Sardi sick in the stomach and liver since December 2013 . Previous Idris Sardi suffered critical condition had received treatment in hospital Meilia, Cibubur.

Rio Annaku (1973)
While on vacation in the village, Rio (Rano Karno) acquainted with the beautiful girl but blind, Nunung (Lenny Marlina). When home, Rio insisted Nunung participate to stay together and adopted by parents Rio. Simplicity and kindness Nunung, making Rio's mother tried to cure his blindness. Meanwhile, Rio suffered from a disease that made ​​him live longer. Before closing the eyes, Rio advised that given to Nunung eyes, until finally Nunung can look back.

Romi Dan Juli OST (1974)
Romi (Rano Karno) is a friend of the SMP with July (Yessy Gusman). They fell in love. Their romance hindered by both their parents, namely Patience (Sukarno M. Noor) and Komar (Dicky Zulkarnaen) rival in the business. Romi and July agreed to run away from home. In flight they got lost in a cave. Romi fell ill and July must find a cure. Both parents they also searched and finally reconciled after finding the child respectively.

ROMI DAN JULIE OST Pengantin Remadja - Widyawati & Sophan S @Aneka Hiburan

Yatim [Orphans] (1973)
Two brothers are Rano (Rano Karno) and Rini (Atik Pasono) ran away from home uncle and aunt, unable to bear the cruel aunt. They became homeless and vagrant met with a grandmother who loved them. Suffering often they experienced, before finally Rano met a composer, player scouts at the same band. The musicians managed to toss Rano of bum became a famous singer.

Dimanu Kau Ibu [Where You Mom] (1973)
Linda gave birth to the results of an affair with his girlfriend who died in an accident. To hide the shame, Linda's father asked her sister to care for and bring to Cirebon. To Linda itself is said that the baby had died. After great Orphans receive harsh treatment of guardians, money for treatment Orphans also in one use. When Linda heard a quarrel between his father and caregiver Orphans, making Linda wanted to know. By his father described the real situation.

Linda then followed to Cirebon to see his son. But Linda was not able to see his son, because Orphan already gone to Jakarta to look for his mother and can not stand the harsh treatment guardians. In Jakarta Orphans vagrancy and so shoeshine. Meeting the child and the mother finally happened at the hospital, while the Orphans in an accident.